There are plenty of things that you don’t know about this world. If you consider the maximum amount you can keep in your mind with the things you should know, you will realize that it is nothing. Here are 10 facts you need to know about oxygen.

Too much of oxygen is lethal

This might be one of the facts you don’t know for sure. Though plants and animals manage to keep the oxygen cycle, there is a number they should try to keep it. 21% of air has to be filled with oxygen. Otherwise, it will be toxic to the all kinds of living beings. The best example is the forest fires occurred in recent time because of high oxygen concentration.

It is less than nothing with values

Oxygen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that cannot be sensed even if it is around you. But, it is everywhere on the earth. However, it helps to form many compounds on earth that have odors, colors, and tastes.

Color is changeable

Though oxygen gas is a colorless gas, it has got pale blue color when it is in liquid or solid forms. The more it gets solid, the more it will look blue in color. Most importantly, it turns in to a metallic or orange color substance in high pressurized situations.

Most of the sea creatures produce it

Oxygen is one of the strangest things in the world. Even though you think it is produced by the plants, it is not correct that way. Oxygen is mostly produced by Algae that live in the ocean.  It means, we can have a continuous supply until the ocean is destroyed by the human race.

Larger living beings

Have you ever wondered about the fact animals being so huge in the prehistoric time? It is believed that Oxygen is one of the most common gases on earth at that time and each living being has got a high volume of oxygen to be used. So, dragonflies have been as larger as birds in that time.

You cannot run vehicles without it

Even if you don’t think about this gas much, you cannot even start your vehicle without this gas. It is being used for the combustion in every vehicle in the world. If you see a black smoke, you will have to change something in the combustion as lack of Oxygen can be a reason for that.  Even though mankind does manage to produce vehicles that don’t need Oxygen for the combustion, Oxygen still stands as the cheapest source.

Oxygen means life

If the man kind gets smart enough to step out of this universe, they will step on a new planet for sure. The first thing they need to know about that planet is, if it does have oxygen. If it is a yes, that will be a positive sign for the animals. Because, Oxygen is not just a thing required for the animals but an outcome came out of the animals too.


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